Library building handover

We have come a long way since the threat of library closure first appeared in February 2016 but we are delighted to announce that the future of the library in Hungerford is looking brighter.

West Berkshire Council has undertaken to continue operating a library service in the town with restored library staffing levels. This has been achieved by Hungerford Town Council agreeing to take on the running of the building; they have leased it for a peppercorn rent and will in turn lease it to a charitable trust, Hungerford Library & Community Trust, who will manage it for the community. It means that the library building is now a community asset and it is our intention to create a centre in Hungerford – a hub – for activities that will involve everyone, whether a library user or not.

The Friends of Hungerford Library, who have strived so hard to make this happen, will now become a fundraising team, focusing on the development of an income through events and sponsorship to support the hub.

We are planning a launch of what will be badged “Hungerford Hub” in September and regular updates on the progress of the hub will be posted on here.

In the meanwhile if you would like to be involved in any way, we would love to hear from you! Click here to reach us.

June 2018

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