Move! The New Science of Body Over Mind

Caroline Williams explores the emerging science of how movement opens up a hotline to our minds. 

Tuesday 22 June at 7.30pm in the Hungerford Hub.

Please note this event is free but tickets should be booked here.

Caroline will be giving a talk in person, followed by the opportunity to ask questions and get a copy of the book Move! signed if you wish. This event is a must for anyone who is interested in how movement affects our minds.

Did you know that walking can improve your cognitive skills? That strengthening your muscular core reduces anxiety? That light stretching can combat a whole host of mental and bodily ailments, from stress to inflammation? We all know that exercise changes the way you think and feel. But scientists are just starting to discover exactly how it works.

Interviewing researchers and practitioners around the world, Caroline reveals how you can work your body to improve your mind. As lockdown throws us back on our own mental and physical resources, there is no better time to take control of how you think and feel.

Our bodies are designed to be in motion, and our minds suffer when they aren’t. Move! is science writing at its absolute best: lucid, informative, authoritative, fascinating – and very very important

Guy Claxton, author ― Intelligence In The Flesh

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