Looking lovely!

Yesterday was the start of the latest exhibition in TheCurve at Hungerford Hub & Library and it’s looking amazing!

The show features the drawings and sketches of seven local artists – some of them framed or mounted for sale, others in sketchbooks for you to browse and enjoy. For many artists, drawing is where the creative journey starts – for some it is the whole purpose of the exercise; to produce a finished piece relying entirely on the process.

The range of work is impressive and the sketchbooks are particularly absorbing – from Arty Pumpkin’s graphic exploration of metaphor and image to Diana Barraclough’s collages from broken crockery and more. Shirley Cartey and Arran Miles capture landscapes and figures in sweeping strokes of glorious colour while Mandi Brainbridge produces sketchbooks and image through stitch and fibre. Shona Wheeler’s creative energies are poured into meticulous, photo-realistic drawings with biro while Andi Mulholland is compelled to draw everything she sees in a variety of media.

This exhibition is open over the next two weekends plus Wednesday 25th (market day in Hungerford), from 10am-4pm, so there is plenty of opportunity to see this very eclectic collection of work. Don’t miss it!

SustainHUBle pop up shop, better than ever! 19th September 12-6

Here is a quick guide on who sells what!!
Little B – Bees Wax wraps
Posy – Hand made deodorants shampoo and body bars.
Thoran – Hand made bags, silk scarfs etc by women rescued from human trafficking in Mumbai India
Lovely Happy Things – Hand made fabric items, aprons, pegs bags, lunch bags etc
Waney Edge Woodcraft – Beautiful hand made chopping boards, bowels etc from locally sourced sustainable wood.
Beer There & EveryWhere – Refillable toast beer which is made from left over bread. Bring along your growlers to fill up. There will be some to purchase.
Thatcham Refillable – Eco sustainable household products.
Tropic – Natural, Vegan Cruelty Free Skincare freshly made in Surrey
The Coffee House – Sustainably sourced coffee beans, roasted and ready to purchase, ground coffee available too.
Flamingo Cards – Greeting cards made in the Uk on FSC paper using plant based ink and environmentally friendly glitter.
The Cheese Agent – Artisan cheese sourced from small producers.
Emporio Green Army – Eco sustainable consumer products, free from plastic and unnecessary packaging.
Honey for sale from Crookham Common.