Trust Your Gut
How what you eat affects how you feel
A talk with Nina Weatherill,
Nutritional Therapist and founder of Nina Nutrition

Hungerford Hub

Tuesday 5 July 2022 – 7.30pm-9.00pm

Join Nina as she shares her expert knowledge on why nutrition is vital for mental health and explains how foods you eat can help calm an anxious mind and improve your mood.

“Food is both your body’s fuel and information for your DNA, so it affects both your body and your life – for better or worse.”

The foods we eat directly affect our brain, which in turn affects our mental health. Mental health is integrated to physical health, not separate from it. Millions of nerves and neurons physically connect the gut and brain, creating a super highway of information. Good gut health is essential too – over 85% of people in the UK suffer from gut issues in a year. Whether this is from poor diet, stress, sleep or a virus, it will negatively impact absorbing the nutrients, your immune system and your energy levels.

Nutritional Therapy uses an integrative ‘functional medicine’ approach, co-ordinating diet, lifestyle and exercise elements to improve symptoms, working upwards from the root-cause of the issue. Join us in the Hub on Tuesday 5 July to discover more about this fascinating subject.

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